Who is Jesus and why there is hope in Him

Jewish people had been promised a Messiah, a Savior. He came and did miracles, saved people from sin, evil, sickness, fears and addiction; we believe Jesus is doing same these days. So we are calling all Christians to come together so that we rescue Young generation from all kind of addiction, depression, sickness and immorality.


There is a need to reach them with things they love and understand. Young adults are willing to communicate in a language of technology familiar to them. Young adults’ sense that we care to go beyond what is available to them digitally depend on their value and understanding so that they be engaging where they are.

The longstanding challenge of engaging young adults in church is so difficult today.  In young adult culture, church is even less a factor.

The question is, “Do we really care deeply about reaching young adults — we will do what it takes to win them for Christ?”

Do we really care deeply about reaching young adults? While there is so much going on the digital world are Christians paying the price to use same means to find the lost? Why the young generation lost interest in the church because currently there is little interest in reaching emerging generations. There must be a specific strategy to reach them

“We can no longer expect that young adults will come through the doors of congregations on their own. Instead, we must make it a priority to go digitally in order to engage this generation” We need to give them time, resources and most of all good leaders 

What can be done to save many generations

Parents worry so much about their children and they try to give the best but how can they protect them from Social media attack. Let’s be united to stand against it so that we save generations to come

As Christians we have our command from the Lord to go to the World and preach the Gospel and we have to pass this to next generation. Let’s use the Social media to impact young generation life. Leaders are needed throughout the world so that we can use you to reach your community

All Christians using Social media can serve in this Ministry and Parents can use this form to contact us so that we plan what to do

Work with Young Adults 

Developing Young Adults and Place a high value on changing their life and bring them into a healthy small group system. Young adults are trying to connect and will make a lasting connection wherever they can find belonging is the issue. If you like connecting to them use these 3 Practical Ideas for Reaching Young Adults: hold a community sports Event, Find  a problem in your community and solve, Start a young adult Bible study in your community

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