Prayer for youth integrity and successful life

Dear God, Thank you for the Youth who have trusted You. Jesus be their Savior from all danger of this generation. Draw closer to those who Committed their life to you. Pray that they would grow in grace and in knowledge of the Lord Jesus based on Your word. 

Protect them from influence of the tempting things of the world and the desires of the sin nature. Grant them wisdom as they face the challenges of life and give them teachable spirit. May Jesus take control of their life day by day, without Him they can do nothing. Amen!

Loving Father, let you loving kindness and mercies find all Youth today though they turned their backs on you. Have mercy on them as many have turned their heart to the things of this world and believed the lies of the Devil, rather than turning to the truth of the Scriptures.

Be saved from Curses

Trust Christ and be saved from all darkness
God give us wisdom to know you, May your strength and power be known to this generation. 

Redeem Young Generation from the alarming dangers they are in like Internet Addiction and Drug use. There is a need for immidate act as the young adult generation is struggling across the globe

Father God we pray that You would convict the young generation of their need of Jesus as their Savior and draw them into Your kingdom. Touch their hearts and convict them. Your name be glorified and heaven rejoice at those that come to trust you as Savior. Pray this in Jesus name.

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This list of 31 biblically-grounded ideas will help you pray God’s heart for the youth in your life. Start with the person’s name in mind. Then work down the list, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you as you pray Scripture for them.

  1. Pray for a spirit of humility.
    “The willingness to submit” (James 4:10).
  2. Pray for a spirit of reverence.
    “The fear of the Lord” (Proverbs 9:10).
  3. Pray for a spirit of purity.
    “A desire to be clean” (Matthew 5:8).
  4. Pray for a spirit of purpose.
    “A wisdom to set goals” (Proverbs 4:25).
  5. Pray for a spirit of simplicity.
    “A lifestyle uncluttered” (Romans 12:8).
  6. Pray for a spirit of commitment.
    “A dedication to the ‘cause'” (Joshua 24:15).
  7. Pray for a spirit of diligence.
    “A willingness to work hard” (2 Peter 1:5)
  8. Pray for a spirit of servant hood.
    “The ministry of helps” (Galatians 6:9-10).
  9. Pray for a spirit of consistency.
    “The quality of faithfulness” (James 1:8).
  10. Pray for a spirit of assurance.
    “A depth of faith” (Hebrews 10:22).
  11. Pray for a spirit of availability.
    “A willingness to go” (Isaiah 6:8).
  12. Pray for a spirit of loyalty.
    “A zeal for fidelity” (Ruth 1:16).
  13. Pray for a spirit of sensitivity.
    “Openness of heart” Luke 10: 30-37).
  14. Pray for a spirit of compassion.
    “Love in action” (Mark 8:1-2).
  15. Pray for a spirit of tenderness.
    “A willingness to weep” (2 Kings 22:19).
  16. Pray for a spirit of maturity.
    “The capacity to grow” (Hebrews 5: 12-14).
  17. Pray for a spirit of holiness.
    “Christ-like behavior” (1 Peter 1:16).
  18. Pray for a spirit of reliability.
    “A depth of dependability” (1 Corinthians 4:2).
  19. Pray for a spirit of revelation.
    “Learning to listen” (Ephesians 1:15,18).
  20. Pray for a spirit of self-denial.
    “A sacrifice to surrender” (Luke 9:23).
  21. Pray for a spirit of confidence.
    “A baptism of boldness” (Philipians 4:13).
  22. Pray for a spirit of integrity.
    “The quality of truthfulness” (Romans 12:17).
  23. Pray for a spirit of repentance.
    “A willingness to change” (Luke 3:8).
  24. Pray for a spirit of trust.
    “A fearless reliance” (Psalm 125:1).
  25. Pray for a spirit of submission.
    “Choosing to yield” (Ephesians 5:21).
  26. Pray for a spirit of teachable attitude .
    “A quality of meekness” (Titus 3:2).
  27. Pray for a spirit of prayer.
    “A longing to wait” (Isaiah 40:31).
  28. Pray for a spirit of unity.
    “A respect for others” (1 Corinthians 1:10).
  29. Pray for a spirit of restoration.
    “A ministry of healing” (Isaiah 61:1-2).
  30. Pray for a spirit of authority.
    “A capacity to command” (Matthew 16:19).
  31. Pray for a spirit of generosity.
    “The desire to give” (Matthew 10:8).

This video is about God’s unconditional love. We can’t do anything to stop His love