Becareful of wrong teaching

One way God Minister is by providing the church with true teachers and preachers so that we grow in reliable teaching of God’s truth. How can we know? We need a lot of biblical discernment.

Here are few questions that can help you discern the reliability of a particular teacher or preacher.

Does the preacher ground everything he says in the Bible?

Does he begin with the authority and sufficiency of Scripture?

Doesn’t simply use the Bible to support what he wants to say.

He refuses to take verses out of context.

He recognizes the unity of the Bible and all point to God saves sinners through the accomplished work of his son Jesus Christ.

Does the preacher emphasize because of sin, a right relationship with God can only be established by God’s grace alone?

Does the preacher stress that salvation is not achieved by what we can do, rather salvation is received by faith in what Christ has already done?

God’s truth always highlights the fact that God saves sinners; sinners don’t save themselves.

Does the preacher underline that Christ is the exclusive mediator between God and man?

Does he proclaim that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that nobody comes to the Father but by Christ?

Does he talk about sin and the necessity of Christ?

Do you have intimacy with God? Do you get help from the Holy Spirit. When you are intimate with God you have capacity never had and salvation gives you authority over addiction and the evil in this world